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keep your nose out the sky,
keep your heart to God, ॐ
and keep your face to the rising sun.
Anonymous: im sayin dis cause im a follower but who are you to post dat about white people? are yu white? are yu black? are yu Hispanic? are yu Asian? based on your avatar from a while youre a pakii so don't fuckinq say shit about nuttin relavant to you. smh I hate when hip hop blogs try to be black and thinks dis white shit hurts dem cause really u aint effected. leave ur racist remarks for urself gurll

Hahahahhahahahhahaha oh Lord it’s fun getting back on tumblr after a while and seeing stuff like this. Yes I am Asian, no I am not a “pakii,” yes “dis white shit” hurts me, yes you are an ignorant fuck. You need to sit down and read a book or two; educate yourself. I am Indian, the amount of racism I have encountered in my short-almost-18 years of life is more than enough. I don’t want to be black, white, whatever; I’m proud to be Indian. If the fact that I love hip hop makes me appear as if I want to be black you need to get your priorities straight. Based on your avatar you’re a punk ass bitch. Keep your racist, prejudiced views to yourself you pretentious prick.

"   A woman’s body is not democracy.
You have no right to it, no entitlement.
No mandate to vote on it,
or otherwise treat a body
as a vehicle for debate
over conditions you cannot ever
biologically comprehend.
I look around me sometimes,
and grow afraid of myself.
I look around me sometimes,
and I hate what I see.
I look around me at the wolves,
salivating from their eyes,
paws itching from the
venom in their veins,
noses sniffing for ill opportunity.
I look around me sometimes,
and I see a battle for territory,
the severing of blood ties over
a thrill they are apt to call their own.
But a woman’s body is not yours.
Understand this: regardless of
chromosomal arrangement
we are all capable of cruelty,
of both thought and action.
But how can we say to have progressed
if the majority still behave like animals,
and then convince the rest that
we are, indeed, civilized?   "
Nav K, Meditation on Wolves (via navk)

(via navk)


Now available in
various colours.

Although we encourage
all colours, we cannot
guarantee product satisfaction,
with colours that are not white.

HUMANITY is currently
out of stock. We apologize
for any inconveniences.
We will notify you
if it should become
available again.

- Society

Nav K, society (ad verse)

(Source: navk, via navk)

The truth is: white person commits violent crime=other white people sympathize and decide the person does not deserve anywhere near as severe a punishment they do receive, a person belonging to a minority race (Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.) is MURDERED=the world is outraged, yet the white person who committed the violent crime=people sympathize and decide the person does not deserve anywhere near as severe punishment they do receive.. It’s a cycle.